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Dancing Mood - Discography (2001 - 2017)

Ska jazz  Reggae
Date: 17 november 2017
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  • ARTIST: Dancing Mood
  • ALBUM / TITLE: Дискография
  • RELEASE YEAR / DATE: 2001 - 2017
  • COUNTRY: Argentina (Buenos Aires)
  • STYLE: Ska-jazz, Reggae, Calipso
  • LABEL: Chicope Records
  • DURATION: 12:19:16
  • QUALITY: 192/320 kbps
  • Site:

  • RATING: 10 / 3    
  • VOTE:


Torrent description

2001 - 20 Minutos

2002 - Volumen 2

2004 - Dancing Groove

2006 - Groovin' High (192 kbps)

2008 - Deluxe (en vivo) 2CD

2009 - On the sunny side of the street

2011 - Non Stop Vol.1

2011 - Non Stop Vol.2

2011 - Non Stop Vol.3

2015 - Ska Explosion

2017 - On the Good Road


Hugo Lobo: trompeta
Mariano: bajo
Matías: teclados
Sam: guitarra
U-Niko: guitarra
Ezequiel "Peri" Rodríguez: armónica
Fabián Silva: trombón
Mariano Rosatti: batería
Martino Gesualdi: trombón
Rubén Mederson: saxofón alto y soprano
Sergio Colombo: saxofón tenor


Gerardo 'Toto' Rotblat: percusión (fallecido) (dejado el grupo 29 de marzo 2008)

Dancing Mood was formed in Buenos Aires, Argentina in march 2000, it was a project from the trumpetist Hugo Lobo, who played with many Argentina's major bands like Todos tus Muertos , Attaque 77 , Los Cafres , Mimi Maura and took part in other local bands like Satelite Kingston, Riddim, Nuevas Raíces, 2 Minutos, Correcaminos, Azul, Turf, Nonpalidece, Un Kuartito, Viejas Locas, etc. More than twenty in total.
Dancing Mood is a musicians' orchest leaded by seven blow instruments, with collaborations of other musicians, and with classic songs from reggae, mento, and other styles, they adaptate them to jamaican Ska.
The band counts on instruments like trumpet, saxophone, tuba, harmonnica, flute, oboe, giving some distinction and sweetness to the sound, complemented with percussion, bass, guitars, drums and keyboars, playing a symphonic sound, that has vocal guests like Fidel Nadal, Mimi Acevedo (Mimi Maura) Mariano, or Karen Fleitas.



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